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Horse Head Andirons

Artist: Reynolds Jones

Cast brass or bronze

Cast Horse Head dimensions are 11” high, 3¼” wide, 8¾” deep

Overall dimensions including log rests are 26-5/8” deep

Ref. No. 100517_073 (100517_074, 100517_075, 100517_077, & 100517_078)

This pair of andirons is marked on the iron log rests, VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA which may offer a clue as to the casting artist Reynolds Jones. The stylized heads have the finish work of a bronze more often found on a pedestal rather than the floor of a firebox. These were found in an estate from Cincinnati whose contents were mostly purchased during the mid-20th century. The andirons have a green residue in places, which may have been part of the original surface. There is no polish residue suggesting a polishing has never occurred, so the traces of green are somewhat of a mystery as is the maker. There is no evidence to suggest a fire was ever built over the log rests as they appear to be unused for that purpose. Nicely toned color to the metal in excellent condition, by an accomplished artist on a good day.