Haystacks, Oil Painting

Artist: Paul Sawyier (1865-1917)

Likely 1912

Oil on academy board

12" x 18"

Ref. No. 070327_005

Haystacks sited on high ground above the Kentucky River is among a small population of oil paintings created by Sawyier before his departure to Brooklyn in 1913. Previously, watercolor was his preferred medium, with oil paintings becoming his primary focus after migration to New York. Sawyier’s style would soon evolve where the knife would trump the brush thus this painting is a pleasing example accomplished in Kentucky prior to the transition. Housed in the original frame which until recently had a pane of glass covering the image. Fortunately no paint loss due to contact with the glass, this factor has kept the image clean over the last century, allowing the delicate brush strokes atop the stacks a proud profile. Apparently it has not suffered any cleaning. Excellent condition. Some in-paint confined to where frame has made contact with the sky.