Cherry tall case clock from Russellville, Kentucky

Stamped by the maker S.W. LINEBAUGH
SEPT. 11 , 1822 #20

Cherry and cherry veneer primary with poplar secondary woods

Size: 100 1/2” h x 20 1/8” w x 12” d

Ref. No. 20180222-018

This clock is cataloged #27 where included in the Speed Art Museum’s exhibition titled: Making Time The Art of the Kentucky Tall Case Clock, 1790-1850 shown Feb. 2nd through June 16th, 2019. The movement made by Samuel Linebaugh is a scarce example, among many tall clock movements housed in American made cases, as actually being made in America. Far more were supplied by large manufacturers in England and Germany. In this instance the complex movement was made in Russellville, Ky. Samuel W. Linebaugh received his training from Robert Frazer at Lexington, Kentucky from whom he fled his apprenticeship in 1808. By 1814 he establishes as a clockmaker in Russellville where by Sept. 11th, 1822 he had recorded his 20th clock movement. This example housed in a successful nonconforming case of local or nearby manufacture. Surface condition of the case may have the original finish with a rich patina having no evidence of later over-finishes. Condition issues are few including replaced backboard behind hood, restoration to bottom buttons of back feet, loss of the bottom board, and veneer loss above either front foot. The movement now with replaced bell, rubbing loss to blackened numerals of the face, and an old paper covering with painted numerals to the calendar dial likely an earlier change. More information on this example and 26 other Ky clock cases and movements are available in the printed catalog through the museum at